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Knife Sheath options of my company


Knife sheaths, Ebony, Quince, Bombay black wood, Japanese cypress, Walnut, Japanese bigleaf Magnolia

Today, I introduce knife sheath options of my company since I introduced knife handle options of my company in the previous blog article.

We can basically make knife sheaths for all Japanese and Western knives, but if the blade types are common or popular ones, the prices of sheaths cannot be so expensive. If the blade types are special or not so common ones, the prices of sheaths can be expensive.

Please let me introduce the wooden types of sheaths in my company.

1. Japanese bigleaf Magnolia
This is the most common sheaths in my company probably because the price is the most reasonable. Also, most Japanese knives are attached with Japanese bigleaf Magnolia handles, so if the wood type of sheath and handle are the same, the knife looks unified and beautiful.

2. Ebony
This is the second most common sheath in my company. This is one of the most expensive sheaths in my company, so it is used for high-grade blades. It exudes a certain dignity probably because it is black.

3. Walnut
At this moment, its sheaths are only for Western knives. We will have its sheaths for Japanese knives in the near future.

4. Quince
This is also expensive sheaths, but if the handle is made of quince and a quince sheath is attached, it looks high-grade and beautiful. Quince handles and sheaths are very rare in my company.

5. Bombay black wood
It looks like ebony sheaths and is not so expensive, compared with ebony sheaths.

6. Japanese cypress
This is one of the recommendations of my artisan. As Japanese cypress cutting board is preferred by Japanese chefs, it is strong for water and has natural infection-fighting properties, so its sheaths should be good for blades.

We can decorate silver plate only on ebony and quince sheaths, so if the blade is high-grade, you might want to decorate silver plates with sheaths.

*The sheaths on the picture are from the left
-Ebony (Its design is different from the other Ebony sheath.)
-Quince (Its design is different from the other Quince sheath)
-Bombay black wood
-Japanese cypress
-Japanese bigleaf Magnolia