The Ultimate Knives Made by Gathering Together the Skills and Passion of Artisans

Our company was established in 1917, and since then, we have introduced many Japanese knives to the world and made a contribution to Japanese food culture. Sakai’s Japanese knives are made by a division of labor between smiths, hatsuke artisans and handle making artisans, and their traditional skills have been handed down for generations. Here at Takahashikusu, we gather together the skills and passion of these artisans and produce and finish each knife carefully. And we plan to keep contributing to the world of food culture by providing quality knives made in Sakai as well as other areas of production. We hope you try our knives.

We sell not only Japanese kitchen knives, famous for their 600-year-old tradition in the city of Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, but also a variety of high quality Western style kitchen knives made in Japan.

Takahashikusu directly does business with manufacturers and artisans in famous production areas of knives in Japan, such as Seki city in Gifu, Echizen city (Takefu) in Fukui, Tsubame and Sanjo cities in Niigata, and Tosa city in Kochi, in addition to Sakai city.

Main production areas of Japanese knives

We provide exquisite Japanese kitchen knives created by skillful craftsmen in Sakai.

The features of Sakai Knives are that they are single-edged and are forged. Since they are single-edged, they have a very sharp edge, and their excellent sharpness maximizes the taste and flavor of the ingredients. Also, forged knives whose name in Japanese come from hammering many times are hard-to-chip because the molecules of steel are made fine by hammering and have an elastic, tenacious, and long-lasting sharp edge.

Japanese Knives in Sakai
Japanese knives

We outsource the manufacture of Western kitchen knives to excellent manufacturers in several areas famous for such knives.

Top makers in Seki, Takefu, and Tsubame-sanjo, areas renowned for the manufacture of Western style kitchen knives, produce blades using various types of stainless steel in various patterns, such as the hammered mark and Damascus steel pattern.

Western knives

Original Products

All Original Products

Takahashikusu makes Japanese original knives under the customer’s trademarks according to their demands.
Let us introduce past projects below.

White Paper 2 (Shirogami2),
Japanese Magnolia handle

Ginsan (Silver paper 3), Sujihiki,
Yew handle

Blue Paper (Aogami) Damascus,
Yanagiba, Ebony handle

Honyaki, Mirror-finish,
Japanese lacquer handle

High speed powder steel,
Mirror finish,
Yanagiba, Ebony handle

Blue Paper (Aogami) Damascus,
Paring knife, Yew handle

Ginsan (Silver paper 3), Wagyuto,
Ebony handle with a silver line

Water-Honyaki, White Paper 1 (Shirogami1), Sakimaru Takohiki, Ebony handle with silver collar rings with Ebony sheath

White Paper 1 (Shirogami1),
Sakimaru Takohiki,
Ebony handle with silver collar rings
with Ebony sheath

Honyaki, Gyuto, Mirror finish, Chinese quince burls figure handle with artificial marble lines

Honyaki, Gyuto,
Chinese quince burls figure handle
with artificial marble lines

Blue Paper 1, Aogami 1, Damascus, Santoku, Ebony handle

Blue Paper 1 (Aogami 1) Damascus,
Santoku, Ebony handle

Blue paper, Aogami, Damascus, Chuka, Chinese knife

Blue Paper (Aogami) Damascus
Chuka (Chinese knife)

Water-Honyaki, White Paper 1, Shirogami1, Yanagiba, Ebony handle with ivory collar rings, Ebony sheath

White Paper 1 (Shirogami1),
Ebony handle with ivory collar rings
with Ebony sheath

About Takahashikusu

Distribution of Japanese Knives in Sakai

Takahashikusu distributes knives to market cutlers, hardware stores and retailers in urban areas, and kitchenware shops. Since our founding, we have been trading with retailers for 100 years and have served their various needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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Engraved mark Highlight

About OEM and Our Past Projects

At Takahashikusu, we do business with a wide range of clients including cutlers, hardware stores, retailers and kitchenware stores.

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Sakai Ichimonnji Ippei Logo

The Signatures of Takahashikusu

Ittosai Kotetsu
Ittosai Kotetsu Knife

Our founder Kusutaro Takahashi named it meaning “the knife of Kotetsu” in honor of “Kotetsu,” a famous Japanese swordsmith of the Edo period. The signature “Ittosai Kotetsu” is engraved in our high quality knives.

Sakai Ichimonnji Ippei
Sakai Ichimonnji Ippei Knife

Sakai indicates that our knives originate in Sakai, and Ichimonji comes from the name of the swordsmith Ichimonji, as the roots of knifesmithing can be traced back to swordsmithing. The signature “Sakai Ichimonji Ippei” is engraved in a wide range of knives from reasonably priced knives to high quality knives.

President Message

We Wish to Deliver Authentic Knives Packed with the Skills of Artisans to as Many People as Possible

Takahashikusu is celebrating its 100th year in business in 2017. This is all due to the support we received from our artisans, customers and business partners in Sakai and around Japan. At Takahashikusu, we have been creating each authentic Japanese knife carefully and wholeheartedly, gathering the skills and passion of the artisans. And this will not change for another 100 years. We will continue to deliver quality knives from various production areas to as many people as possible and we hope that they will make cooking more enjoyable. Your continued support would be very much appreciated.

Yoriaki Takahashi