Ultimate “forged” knives made by
hammering two sticks of steel and iron
over and over again using the skills of artisans
Handing down for another 100 years
the skills of artisans that have been inherited for 6 centuries

Takahashikusu in Sakai
Distributing only authentic knives
for 100 years

Osaka’s Sakai City has been known as the city of knives for over 600 years
Here, artisans have mastered their skills through division of labor and handed
down for generations their sharp eye and pride in making genuine products
We were taught and raised in this city for 100 years
Takahashikusu will keep connecting makers and users for another 100 years


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Japanese Knife Handle options of my company

I am recently asked on a frequent basis what types of knife handles my company has, so let me summarize the types of handles we have.
Handle types can be divided into 3 major types. One type has a plastic collar ring. Another has a buffalo horn collar ring. The other has a wood collar ring. […]

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