Western knife, Gyuto, Chef's knife Highlight

Western Knives

Most Western knives are double-edged, making it easy to cut as you like when you look at things from above. Since they are mostly made of stainless-steel and are rust resistant, they are especially widely used in homes, but more professionals are starting to prefer them.

  • Chef's knife, Gyuto

    For Cutting MeatChef’s Knife

    The most commonly used Western knife that can be used for both meat and vegetables.

  • Sujihiki, Slicer

    For Cutting Off Tendons and SlicingSujihiki/Slicer

    It is shaped like a chef’s knife but longer and more narrow and is used for carving out meat along tendons. It is sometimes called a slicer.

  • Chef's knife, Gyuto

    For Home UseSantoku/Banno (Multi-purpose)/Bunka

    The knife most commonly used in homes. It is shaped especially to cut vegetables but since it can be used to cut meat and fish as well, it is called "Santoku (3 purposes)."

  • Western Deba

    For Cutting BonesWestern Deba

    A Western deba knife is a Japanese deba knife with a double-edge. Like a deba knife, it can be used for cutting fish, bones and all. It can also be used for cutting frozen food and shellfish.

  • Garasuki, Chicken processing knife

    For Cutting Meat Off BonesGarasuki (Chicken Processing Knife)

    It is used for dressing chicken and is larger than honesuki.

  • Bread knife

    For Cutting BreadBread Knife

    Many of these knives have a wave edge and are used like a saw. It can also slice hard breads like baguette.