Osaka-saki for eels

Japanese Knives

For Cleaning Eels

It is shaped so that you can cut a slimy eel in one stroke. Since the way eel is cleaned differs depending on the region, the knife's shape is different

  • Osaka-saki


    Its shape is best suited to cleaning eel the Kansai way, cutting along the belly.

  • Nagoya-saki, eel


    The top right corner (top left in the case of left handed knives) is rounded so that you don't cut your hand when cleaning eel. It is defined by its short blade and long handle.

  • Kyosaki, eel


    You grip the protruding part along the mine (spine) when using this knife.

  • Edosaki, eel


    The knife's kissaki (point) is set at an angle, and the handle is short and its edges are beveled so that it fits comfortably in one's hand.