Hard-shell Cases


A variety of products for storing knives and copper products

  • Hard-shell case

    For StorageHard-shell Cases

    Hard-shell cases that can store knives as well as cooking utensils. The stored knives can be secured with hook and loop fasteners. Also, the case itself can be locked.

  • Knife bag

    For StorageKnife Bags

    Bags to store knives. There is a pocket inside to store small items like honenuki (bone tweezers). Also, there is a place to store long serving chopsticks in the inner side.

  • Knife roll

    For StorageKnife Wraps

    Knife wraps made with canvas fabric. You can store up to 6 knives.

  • Ho Cases, Chef's cases

    For StorageHo Cases (Chef’s Cases)

    Knife cases for shobu (yanagiba) knives, deba knives, paring knives, chef's knives and Chuka (Chinese knives). There is a sheath made with plywood inside. As for shobu, deba and chef's knife cases, there are 3 sizes available (S/M/L). Also, it comes in red, blue and black.

  • Copper products

    Copper ProductsCopper Products

    We have copper products, such as rolled egg making pans and graters. We have copper graters large and small. Please contact us for details.

  • Pastry/Vegetable cutters

    Pastry/Vegetable CutterPastry/Vegetable Cutter

    For cutting pastries or vegetables. The cutters on the first row are pine, bamboo, and plum from the left and those on the second row are crane and tortoise from the left. We have 6 types of sizes and wide varieties of cutters other than those on this picture.