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Mt Fuji pattern of Honyaki -My company’s blade pattern options-


Mt. Fuji pattern Honyaki

Let me introduce my company’s options of blade patterns today.

The first pattern we introduce is Mt. Fuji pattern of Honyaki knives. Honyaki knives are made of only carbon steels and are used mainly by top-tier chefs. Also, it is difficult to deal with them. Please refer to this page for details in terms of Honyaki. Carbon steels are so hard that we cannot fix the distortion of knives if we make Honyaki knives in the same manner as other types of Japanese knives. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, forging artisans plaster the spine part of blades with heating soil and mud in the process of quenching so that hatsuke (creating the edge) artisans can fix the distortion of Honyaki knives. When forging artisans plaster the spine part of blades with heating soil and mud, they do so in the shape of Mt. Fuji so that Mt. Fuji pattern appears on Honyaki blades.

The knife of the picture above is mirror finish, but we can make Mt. Fuji Honyaki knives without mirror finish. The forging artisan said that Mt. Fuji pattern on Wa-Gyuto is especially beautiful because it is wide.

Another pattern my company has is the Damascus pattern of blue steel. I have already introduced it on this page.

The other patterns are mirror finish and Kurouchi. Mirror finish is beautiful and it is preferred by top chefs. Kurouchi is a knife with a kireha part polished while leaving the obverse side of the “ji”(metal body) black. Please refer to this webpage for your image. Kurochu is also popular because the surface is cool and sober.

We are now making our catalog to summarize my company’s option of blade patterns, so if you would like to see this catalog, please contact us in February.